Relations with the Sea

New exhibition at Forum Marinum explores our relationship to the sea - a dialogue between art and science

All life on Earth is dependent on the sea. The marine ecosystem consists of all animals, plants and marine environments together. Ecosystems provide us with benefits such as oxygen, atmospheric water (e.g. rain), nutrient circulation and food.Ecosystems also provide us with things that are difficult to measure, such as experiences, inspiration and recreational opportunities.

In the exhibition Relations With the Sea at Forum Marinum in Turku, Anna Törnroos-Remes, marine biologist and researcher at the Åbo Akademi University, and Turku-based nature photographer Niclas Rantala explore human relations to the sea. The exhibition is a dialogue between science and art.
The photographs are documentary and illustrate various aspects of the human relationship to the sea and its animals today. In most of the images the focus is on animals, not humans. Science is woven into art through photographs that shed light on the importance of relationships in marine biological research and marine management. At the same time, visitors can explore the relationships with the sea on a personal level, through memories, emotions and associations.

The photographic motifs are taken from the archipelago of Turunmaa and western Uusimaa, but the theme is universal and global.

The exhibition opens on 11 February 2021 in Forum Marinum, Linnankatu 72 in Turku, and runs until 16 May 2021. Forum Marinum has introduced a system for advance booking which, with regard to corona restrictions, makes it easier to plan a safe museum visit.


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Forum Marinum
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Linnankatu 72, Turku
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