Honey, Please

“In Sofia’s world, surfaces and depths come together to create artistic worlds in which to immerse ourselves and transform our ideas of buzzy bugs, small babies and photographs."

Honey, Please is a photographic installation covering the floors and walls with digitally printed textiles and creating a space which the viewer enters as they arrive in the gallery. Started in 2020, Honey, Please is a curious and hopeful attempt to recover from chronic anxiety caused by an impending sense of doom. The exhibition intertwines the decline of pollinators due to loss of biodiversity with questions of low birth rate, the pressure to procreate, a budding baby fever and a potentially catastrophic future.

Depicting contrary yet simultaneous emotions and atmospheres is characteristic of Okkonen’s artistic expression. In her pieces, she explores the manifestation of concepts such as beauty, corporeality, fear and trauma in front of the camera, conveyed by the production of a staged and aesthetically controlled image and, on the other hand, by elements that are uncontrollable and unconscious.

The exhibition is supported by the Finnfoto Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organisations.


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Kunsthalle Turku
+358 40 350 1954
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Kunsthalle Turku
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Vanha Suurtori 5, Turku
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