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Installaatiokuva Elsa Salosen näyttelystä

The installation exhibits colour samples from various natural elements distilled or ground onto a microscopic slide.

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Kati Rooverin teoskuva Salt of My Eyes

Uncertain Horizon exhibition observes the changing sea around us.

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Kuva Tabita Rezairen videoinstallaatiosta

“The pyramid harnesses healing energy from its tip, while its four faces retell vital stories of feminine-masculine alignments.” 

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Anu Pentik WAM
3.6.2021 18.0019.00

The exhibition will be opened by Bishop of the Archdiocese of Turku Mari Leppänen.

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Anu Pentik WAM

The summer exhibition, Anu Pentik – In the beginning there was a seed, showcases Pentik’s latest artistic works.

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Stillkuva Alia Faridin videoteoksesta. Kuvassa kaksi kamelia.

Alia Farid’s essay film journeys through the traditions of celebration on an island where life flows according to its own unique rhythm.

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The experimental film Strange by Mox Mäkelä is a part of the idiot ibidem series, which was originally started by Mäkelä in 1995.

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Monistettu stillkuva Illusia Juvanin videoteoksesta

The exhibition boasts a wide-ranging offering of contemporary art, which depicts the diversity of gender and sexuality.

Turku 2021, Museum, Exhibits
Emma Sarpaniemen teoskuva Sweet Lemons
9.10.2021 10.0016.45

Guided tours, interviews with the artist and open workshop. Welcome!

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Kuva Patricia Domínguezin videoteoksesta Eyes of Plants

Patricia Domínguez’s Green Irises brings together a multiscreen video installation and different objects installed into shapes that resemble altars.

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