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Tue-Sun 11-16

Tässä näyttelyssä tarinallinen lähestymistapa pyrkii kertomaan vierailijalle Suomen kansallissäveltäjästä maanläheisesti ja inhimillisesti.

Music, Museum, Exhibits

In spring 2021, Turku Art Museum will fill up with the intense colourism and visionary expression that lie at the heart of the work of artist Sigrid Schauman (1877–1979).

Museum, Exhibits

Hertta Kiiski’s Primeval Soup imagines an alternative past or future in which life forms of the planet mingle into each other in harmony.

Museum, Exhibits

Elli Vuorinen’s stop motion animation Still Lives (2019) explores such busy stillness by making museum artefacts adapt to modern challenges.

Movies, Museum, Exhibits
Valokuvissa Mestarinkatu sekä Hepokulta-näkymä

The theme year on residential architecture of Bryggman institute is opened at Turku Main Library with an exhibition on residential architecture in Turku in the 20th century.

Qwenselin talon sisäpiha

A fifteen-minute guidnings at inner courtyard by the entrance 4 June - 30 July Fridays at 2 pm.

Guided tours in the museum 1 - 29 August on Sundays at 2 pm. Included in the entry.

Museum, Guided tours and sightseeing tours
21.11.2021 15.00

Charismatic Hollywood actor John Malkovich returns to the Turku Music Festival!

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