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Greta Hällfors-Sipilä (1899–1974) and Sulho Sipilä (1895–1949) were two exceptionally open-minded artists in Finland in the 1910s.

Turku Day, Museum, Exhibits
Theatre and other perfomance art
9.12.2022 19.00

A set of not the most serious instructions on how to disrupt and create ways of perceiving the world with the help of dance

Theatre and other perfomance art
Hobitti roikkuu ison kotkan kynsistä vuorten yllä
Theatre and other perfomance art
Maria Itkonen kapellimestarin puikko kädessä.
9.12.2022 19.0020.45

The audience is welcome to sing along spread the Christmas spirit in the concert with Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and choirs from Puolalanmäki Upper Secondary school.