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Tue-Sun 11-16

Tässä näyttelyssä tarinallinen lähestymistapa pyrkii kertomaan vierailijalle Suomen kansallissäveltäjästä maanläheisesti ja inhimillisesti.

Music, Museum, Exhibits
Turun museokeskuksen kokoelmissa oleva tykkimyssy 1700-luvulta

Exhibition features over 600 objects and nearly 200 pieces of clothing and accessories which offers glimpses into 17th–19th century gentry culture from different perspectives

Museum, Exhibits
Valoisa kuva merenpohjasta

Marine nature is a part of the national landscape of Finland, but what is this landscape like under the surface?  

Museum, Exhibits
Vanitas-näyttelyn mainoskuva

The exhibition evokes the old thought about the frivolity and trancience of all things beautiful and abundant, bringing it to the present day through history.

Turku 2021, Museum, Exhibits
Anu Pentik WAM

The summer exhibition, Anu Pentik – In the beginning there was a seed, showcases Pentik’s latest artistic works.

Museum, Exhibits
Check for screening times on WAM's site

The experimental film Strange by Mox Mäkelä is a part of the idiot ibidem series, which was originally started by Mäkelä in 1995.

Movies, Museum, Exhibits

Turun ITF Taekwon-Do’s next beginners’ course starts 31.8.2021. We are accepting new members until 28.9., before which you can try the course out for free.

Kaunis ruokakuva, jossa viinilasi ja annos keraamisessa kipossa
Theatre and other perfomance art
Nainen raivoaa taulunkehyksessä, käsi tunkeutuu ulos taulusta
Theatre and other perfomance art
Musta hansikaskäsi kurottuu vohkimaan timantin lasivitriinistä
Theatre and other perfomance art
Turun päivä 2020
19.9.2021 00.0123.59

Come celebrate with the whole City on 19.9.2021!

Turku Day, Festivals and major events, Others
Impivaaran uimahalli 9-17 & Petreliuksen uimahalli 10-14.30
19.9.2021 09.0017.00

Turku Day special offer at Impivaara Swimming Center and Petrelius Swimming Hall.

Turku Day, Turku on the move
19.9.2021 10.0015.00

Vietnamese Culture and Culinary Days, and Mid-Autumn Festival at Lien Tam Monastery. With music and food at a beautiful monastery. Let's celebrate the Day of Turku together.

Turku 2021, Turku Day
biologinen museo tatti
19.9.2021 10.0015.00

Mushroom Sunday's exhibition at the Biological Museum presents almost a hundred different spec

Turku Day, Museum
19.9.2021 10.0016.00

Bicycle service at Aurajoki river side

Turku Day
19.9.2021 10.0016.00

The market square of The Old Great Square bursts with joy on the Turku Day, September 19th, between 10 am-4 pm and there will be versatile entertainment around town!

Turku Day, Others
19.9.2021 10.0018.00

Come enjoy baked goods and hot drinks in the quaint autumn environs of the old Koroinen farm.

Turku Day
19.9.2021 10.0022.00

All of our rooms for 2-6 players for only 60€/room on Turku day.

Turku Day
19.9.2021 11.0016.00

The museum Ett hem is a home museum donated to the Åbo Akademi University Foundation by consul Alfred Jacobsson and his wife Hélène.
Free entrance during Turku Day.

Turku Day
Turun päivänä Aurajoesta nostettuja polkupyöriä
19.9.2021 12.0014.00

Divers clean up The Aura River to fish out all sorts of things. Step by the river banks to discover if there are treasures or trash this year!

Turku Day, Others
Kaupungintalo ilmakuva
19.9.2021 12.0015.00

On Turku Day 19.9., the City Hall will open its doors for the public.

Turku Day, Lectures, Participation, Others
19.9.2021 15.0016.00

Sibeliusmuseum and What Ever Works festival host a free concert.

Read more about the concert at www.sibeliusmuseum.fi

Turku Day
19.9.2021 18.00

Jazz concert at Sibeliusmuseum - Niklas Winter & Lorenzo Cominoli

Turku Day
19.9.2021 21.00

Turku Day culminates in the spectacular and traditional fireworks above Samppalinnanmäki – hill at 9pm.

Turku Day, Others