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Vanitas-näyttelyn mainoskuva

The exhibition evokes the old thought about the frivolity and trancience of all things beautiful and abundant, bringing it to the present day through history.

Turku 2021, Museum, Exhibits
Qwenselin talon sisäpiha

A fifteen-minute guidnings at inner courtyard by the entrance 4 June - 30 July Fridays at 2 pm.

Guided tours in the museum 1 - 29 August on Sundays at 2 pm. Included in the entry.

Museum, Guided tours and sightseeing tours
turun linna opas

The tour will go through the medieval part of the Castle. During the guided tour you will hear about everyday life, celebrations, war, and love within the Castle walls.

Museum, Guided tours and sightseeing tours
Participate and record the sound of your neighborhood!

What do Turku neighborhoods sound like? Can a neighborhood be identified by its sound? What sounds are noticeable in your neighborhood?

Turku 2021, Participation