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Turun linna joulupöytä

The hall tables of the period rooms in Turku Castle are filled with 17th–19th century-style Christmas treats.

Museum, Exhibits, Guided tours and sightseeing tours, Christmas
Sukupuolena ihminen -näyttelyn valokuva Vilistä

The Gender: Human project shows, through interviews and photographs, what it is like to be a transgender person in today’s Finland.

Jouluaatto pääkirjastossa 2018
24.12.2018 11.0018.00

Due to fine experiences and feedback from last year, the Main Library will also be open this Christmas Eve from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Christmas, Others
turun linna ritaripäivät

Lähde aikamatkalle menneisyyteen! Eläydy entisajan elämään itse kokeillen ja taitojasi testaillen.

Museum, Guided tours and sightseeing tours, Christmas
Photographies of Martina Jokel and Sema Sirin
10.1.2019 18.0019.30

Sema Sirin and Martina Jokel, researchers from Molecular Plant Biology Unit of University of Turku, give a lecture on the topics of blue-bioeconomy and algae.