Lilli Haapala / Katve (Sacred sites)

Welcome to the exhibition opening in the presence of the artist Thursday 30th November from 6 to 8pm.

The Finnish word katve refers to an area or a place. Katve is almost like a blind spot, slightly hidden. It is deep in the shade of the forest. Katve is not easily approached; it is unattainable.

In her pieces, Lilli Haapala examines people’s relationship with the environment and the perceived reality. In her exhibition Katve (Sacred sites), Haapala continues her exploration of people’s relationship with nature. The engaging pieces in the exhibition examine the processes of seeing and perceiving. In fact, the exhibition stems from questions related to seeing, perceiving and understanding. What does the unspoilt natural scenery of our imagination look like? Does such a landscape even exist in reality any more? How has people’s understanding of the environment changed over time? How was the environment seen before and how is it seen today?

The deep shades of Finnish forests have been home to a number of sacred sites that have given rise to various beliefs. The sites were also connected to something invisible to the human eye, something in a different reality, somewhere beyond. The 3D images in the exhibition examine the limits of a photograph. The images appear as gates into other realities that one cannot enter.

Lilli Haapala (1984, Salo) is a visual artist from Turku. Her work is multidisciplinary, mostly focusing on installations. Haapala is currently finishing up her Master’s studies in the Time and Space Arts programme of the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts and graduated as a visual artist specialising in photography from Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2015. Her pieces have been featured in various exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

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