The Tournament of Turku Castle 2018

Welcome to the grand tournament of Turku Castle! Knights with their horses will arrive from all over Europe to compete in this grand tournament taking. The week-long event will take place at Turku Castle.

Knights in armor and tournament horses

The year 2018 will bring for the first time to Finland a huge group of international riders and their horses to compete for the European championships in Historical riding. The event will take place in Turku at the courtyard of Turku Castle on July 9.-15. A group of more than 20 riders will represent ten different countries. During the competition week riders will compete in the Skill at Arms and Jousting –sport. Saturday and Sunday the competition will end with the semifinals and the grand finale.

The event is organized by the society for historical riding in cooperation with Rohan stables.

This year the tournament is a part of the official European Championships Jousting tournament. The competition is also the largest by participant in Europe since the medieval tournament.

The cluster of spectacular events in the form of competition will be perfectly taking place at the historical site of Turku Castle. In addition to the tournament there will be salespeople and craftsman dressed according to theme as well as castle tours according to theme.

Turku Castle and the Finnish National Board of Antiquities will be participating in the events and will provide program on medieval warfare indoors: there is an entry fee to the museum but all other events taking place outdoors are free of charge to the public.

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Rohan Tallit
+358 41 442 2450
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Linnankatu 80, 20100 Turku

Turun linna ja linnanpuisto.

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